Then I Got Cancer

And it was a shock. I have no family history of cancer. I couldn’t see I really had any other risk factors either. I don’t drink, don’t smoke (well not since May 9th 1984 anyway) and am not overweight.

But one morning in January after a couple of days of feeling a bit feverish I found a swelling in my neck. It was definitely there, however much I poked it or rubbed it and after a week it hadn’t gone away. So I went to my GP.

Now at my surgery you don’t always get the same doctor, and I hadn’t met this guy before. But he seemed friendly and he looked at my swelling and measured it and then got me to open my mouth and had a look inside. He asked me if I’d looked at my tonsil recently. I said no. Well have you?

He said it didn’t look right. It looked suspicious.But it might just be an infection. He gave me a prescription for a week’s worth of penicillin.

To which, after four days, I started having a reaction. I got a rash, a flat, red,blotchy rash all over my body. Except for my face and hands.

When I went back to my GP the swelling on my neck hadn’t shrunk. And the tonsil still looked suspicious. He referred me to the Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) department at the hospital.


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